Penguins hockey cards Penguins hockey cards

"Penguins hockey cards"

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18.04.2020, 07:33:00   Jimmy Andrew
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20.12.2018, 16:27:35   Hoffec  
I´ve found my old hockey cards (Kovalenko, Gretzky, Jagr, Recchi, Mogilny, Hall, Hasek,Zubov, Barnes,Sakic,Lidstrom, Bure,Lemieux, Forsberg, Hall, leetch, Kamensky and so on. If is somebody interested send me an email
10.02.2018, 11:12:19   Josef      
Dobrý den, mám hokejové sběratelské karty na prodej. Například - Pavel Bure 1994 -95 na pinnacle edice Gamers GR4, Eric Lindros 1994 - 95 parkhurst karta 1 - 6(Hart trophy), Mikael Renberg edice Lamp Lighters - 1994 - 95, Eric Lindros - parkhurst en Edice, Edice CHAMPS 9 - 15karet Roger Johansson(No.2347), Skybox 1995 Shanahan edice Ntense Power. Prodám pro sběratelé kartíček. Kontakt - 608 212 356. Josef(PRAHA)
23.08.2017, 19:54:09   Mike Marchese  
Great page and GREAT COLLECTION!! very cool stuff. I live near Pittsburgh and I collect a couple of the same players as you
27.04.2017, 15:23:18   Afectus  
Krásná sbírka karet, škoda jen, že si člověk na některé kousky nemůže alespoň sáhnout :-D... No, to by jich tu moc nezbylo :-D Držim palce.
13.06.2016, 07:59:07   Jeffrey Levine  
Pens back on top, where they belong, hoisting Lord Stanley's Cup... with Dominik Simon, from Czech Republic, on the roster.
30.03.2016, 14:42:17   Patres  
super stránka
26.02.2016, 03:32:01   mike  
i have a panini limited manufacturers mark 1/1 marc andre fleury 12-13 open to offers
05.06.2015, 19:11:10   nick  
I have a 2013-14 upper deck artifacts malkin/neal/fleury black tag card 1/1. if anyone is interested email me. serious inquires only!
26.03.2015, 03:20:15   Mark  
I am really impressed with your website. What did you use to keep track of your collection and to give you that many options for searching?
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