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"Penguins hockey cards"

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13.06.2016, 07:59:07   Jeffrey Levine  
Pens back on top, where they belong, hoisting Lord Stanley's Cup... with Dominik Simon, from Czech Republic, on the roster.
30.03.2016, 14:42:17   Patres  
super stránka
26.02.2016, 03:32:01   mike  
i have a panini limited manufacturers mark 1/1 marc andre fleury 12-13 open to offers
05.06.2015, 19:11:10   nick  
I have a 2013-14 upper deck artifacts malkin/neal/fleury black tag card 1/1. if anyone is interested email me. serious inquires only!
26.03.2015, 03:20:15   Mark  
I am really impressed with your website. What did you use to keep track of your collection and to give you that many options for searching?
24.01.2015, 21:08:50   karel  
sháním karty ze série Wien 96,
koupím, nebo vyměním za jiné karty,
nabídky a chyběnky posílejte na
12.01.2015, 01:56:44   Michael
jen chci rict ze jsou to asi nejlepsi hokejove stranky co jsem kdy videl Re: Ahoj, dekuji moc za pochvalu. Diky takovym emailum m? to nuti neustale ty stranky vylepsovat i kdyz to jde velmi pomalu :-)
18.11.2014, 07:11:24   Russ  
I am looking for autographed color 8x10 photos of Scott Young and Peter Taglianetti in Penguin uniforms from the era when they won the 91 or 92 cups. Also looking for an autographed Jim Kyte hockey card in either a Penguin or Muskegon Lumberjack uniform.
11.03.2014, 05:31:11   billygun11  
I have a 2000/01 crown royale 87 mario lemieux die cut 06/25. Recently had it graded at 9.5. I can not find this card anywhere on line searched everything. Would you know the price of this card.
21.01.2014, 05:00:59   Nick Zimmerman  
Hey Im from Pittsburgh and collect also ..if u want any newer pens cards let me know
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